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With this podcast, it's my mission to help empower as many aspiring and current entrepreneurs to stop struggling, stop the hustle, and ditch the overwhelm in starting and growing their online business. 


Topics that will be covered include, but aren't limited to: online marketing, mindset, law of attraction, and social media strategies. Special guests will be interviewed to share their journey to success, detailing their fears, struggles, wins, failures, and everything that brought them to their breakthrough.


No more will you feel alone with your goals and achieving them. You'll learn to not become fearless but rather, you'll learn how to use your fear so you can step out and become the entrepreneur that positions themselves and changes the world.


Let's face it, being broke sucks, right? You'll learn all the ins and outs of growing your online business from mindset to marketing, scared to successful-all right here on Fearless Pursuits Podcast!


I've been your crash-test dummy and you'll not only learn from me and my 25 years in business but also from those who stand out in my guest interviews too!


This podcast is all about achieving freedom and living a better life while shining your light on the world, impacting lives and making money doing what you love.


Subscribe and leave a review to help spread the wealth of knowledge! As more love for the podcast is seen and heard through shares and subscriptions, this information can reach more people and bless them on their journey to living a lifestyle of freedom.

May 23, 2019

Episode #006

When we're living or working in a way that doesn't support our core values, we can experience a lot of difficulties. The word "difficulties" may actually be too mild of a word.

The truth is, many people experience unhappiness to the point of depression and even suicide.

Listen in as my special guest in the...

May 16, 2019


Many of us are on a journey to performing in our life better, each day. What this means is that we have to look inward. THIS...isn’t always sunshine and puppy dogs.’s really pretty hard.

Why? Because it means we have to be honest with ourselves...BRUTALLY honest.

If you're interested in...

May 9, 2019

Episode #004

Creating more success in your business is something I know that you're laying awake at night and thinking about. Maybe to the point where you're dealing with fear, doubt and a whole lot of inner angst.

At the same time, you're still on fire with a passion that stirs your soul. You're determined to bring...

May 2, 2019

Episode #003

Often times people are just looking for a few extra bucks to make ends meet. Having a side hustle is honorable and nothing new but sometimes it's a bit difficult to make it all work with a full time job AND a family.

It's not just about how to make money in your spare time, we go much deeper. This episode...

Apr 26, 2019

Episode #002

Often we're "trying" to achieve certain results and feel like we're hitting our head against the wall.

Among the many powerful mindset tips for entrepreneurs and mental switches that I’ve shared, this one secret is especially close to my heart. Why? Because it’s something that I spent FAR too long...